Make a splash by hosting your next family, friends or group celebration with us. Whether it’s birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, wedding and baby showers, retirement, send-offs or home-comings – we’ve got you covered.


Engagements, Bachelor and Bachelorette, After-Practice, Post-Reception, Next-Day Brunch – are all wonderful reasons to celebrate weddings in unique style at the Newport Blues Café in beautiful Newport, RI.


Company get-togethers build employee morale, culture and team spirit. Host your next company party for no reason at all, or to celebrate performance, holidays, milestones or the future.


Personal or company events and meetings are way more interesting and engaging when they’re held in destination cities at unique venues. Equipped with all your audio-video needs, host your next team meeting with us.


Releasing a new CD, unveiling photography or video, celebrating an engagement, hosting a wedding shower or baby shower, launching a new product or service, opening a new business – all amazing experiences to host at the Newport Blues Café.


Having a fashion show, comedy extravaganza, group performance or musical performance? The Newport Blues Cafe is just the right unique venue well-equipped to handle your show and take it over the top.

Our Private Function Rooms

Main Performance Level

Our first floor main performance level is a perfect large room for cocktail parties up to 150 guests, or sit-down and buffet dinners up to 100 guests. The main first floor level is spacious with a main full bar, lots of huge windows overlooking Thames Street, and an up-close view of the performance stage. The main performance level is available any night during the off-season, and on Monday through Thursday until 10pm during the summer season.

Second Floor Loft

Our second floor loft is a perfect function room for cocktail parties up to 100 guests or buffet dinners up to 60 guests. The loft is an intimate space with a full bar, lots of huge windows overlooking Thames Street, Bowen’s Wharf and the Harbor; and a unique view of the main first floor.

The Vaults

Our first floor main level vaults are two intimate and unique function rooms for cocktail parties up to 25 guests per vault, 50 guests total. One vault is themed a casual sitting room while the other features a pool table for casual fun. The vault rooms, in their day from 1892 to 1995, were just that – bank vaults, and are intimate spaces loaded with history near the main full bar.

The Gathering Room

Our main level back gathering room is ideal for casual cocktail gatherings up to 25 guests. The gathering room is an intimate space in close distance from the vaults and main bar.

For inquires, please email us at newportbluescafe1@gmail.com

How it Works

If you’re interested in hosting your next function at the Newport Blues Café, in beautiful Newport, RI, it’s simple to get started.


Contact us and let us know what type of celebration you desire, when, and for how many guests.


Once we know what you’d like to host and when, we’ll work together to select which function room(s) are most suited.


Based on function room(s) selection, we’ll narrow in on the budget for your private celebration.


We’ll work out the details together, from times, arrival, menu, cocktails, and more.

Celebrate your next exciting moment, in style, by hosting your very own private event, party, function or meeting at the Newport Blues Café in beautiful Newport, RI! We’ll help you plan it out too! From unique room selection and atmosphere, to tasteful foods, beverages, entertainment and more – make a splash with your next bash.