Many years ago, in a small barn in Sharon, MA, seven creative minds came together to create sic that they loved to play. Eventually, these musicians put their minds together and created the band Felix Brown. Many hours were spent rehearsing, planning and creating music and a sound that was different from many other bands. This group was comprised of musicians from different walks of life and different musical tastes. Music fused with rock, blues, r&b, jazz and funk was the sound of the band regardless if they played the Rolling Stones or Stevie Wonder. This sound and energy caught on and spread throughout the Northeast beyond their imagination. This was the start of something special…. this was the start of Felix Brown.

After years of experience and hundreds of shows later, this six piece band continues to play throughout the Northeast and beyond. From Congressional events in Washington, D.C. to the most intimate event off the coast of Maine, Felix Brown has established themselves as one of the premier bands in the Northeast. No matter where the club, they always draw a crowd and entertain with their special mix of high energy music and fun interactive shows.

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